• Consider booking a Doctors appointment for a pre conception clinic.
  • A positive result - come and see one of our professional friendly staff.
  • Making plans, monitoring progress, Is it all going ok?
  • Help I’ve got a new baby! Our staff at Woodbridge Womens Clinic have expertise to guide you through every aspect of pregnancy.

Pregnancy care


We believe that every birth is a natural and unique event, and that you should receive personalised care throughout your pregnancy .

At Woodbridge Women’s Clinic, we encourage all women to be actively involved in their pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, and we encourage the involvement of your partner, support person and family.

Women are able to attend Woodbridge Women’s Clinic for their antenatal care.  Here, they have several choices in who cares for them in their pregnancy; whether it be completely in the care of one of our Eligible Midwives, or under the care of Dr Edward Bouverie and our other GP Obstetricians working in collaboration with our qualified Registered Midwives.  Whichever way you choose, we work closely with  Rockingham General Hospital to cater for the unique, complex and diverse pregnancy needs which may occur.

Please call 9592 2010 to make an appointment with one of the midwives to discuss your pregnancy and how we can look after you.


Being a new Mum and Dad can be daunting. We understand that for first time parents, the first few weeks at home can be challenging.  You are encouraged to bring your baby to Woodbridge Women’s Clinic in the first week after birth for your postnatal check.  We will also see you at 6 weeks after your baby’s birth to ensure you and baby are well. Things we will discuss with you may include  feeding your baby, immunisations,  pap smears and contraception.

Our Lactation Consultant is able to provide specialised attention in any feeding issues you may experience.


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