• Consider booking a Doctors appointment for a pre conception clinic.
  • A positive result - come and see one of our professional friendly staff.
  • Making plans, monitoring progress, Is it all going ok?
  • Help I’ve got a new baby! Our staff at Woodbridge Womens Clinic have expertise to guide you through every aspect of pregnancy.


Today women have many choices in contraception. However, not all women are suited to the numerous contraceptives available.

Doctors and sexual health nurses are available at our clinics by appointment for confidential consultations on advice on Contraception.

You may wish to discuss natural fertility methods, condoms, ‘the pill’, whether it is the progesterone-only pill (POP or mini-pill), or combined pill (COCP), implanon rod, or IUD called  ”the mirena”.  We  will be able to help assist you in finding the safest form of contraception for you.

Depending on your individual circumstances, a Mirena or Implanon may be inserted on the same day.

Book an appointment with one of our Sexual Health Nurses or Doctors to discuss your contraception  choice through our website today.

Our Sexual Health Nurses work Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


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